Meet Alison Jones

 Hi I'm Alison Jones, a Cairns local photographer, artist, wife and homeschool Mother of two beautiful children. I have worked locally and abroad in the photography industry for over 20 years, and I bring to 'Teach kids drawing' a good eye for detail and a love for creativity. 
I have enjoyed photographing weddings and families for most of my career, though recently I have been drawn more into the arts world, mixing photography with different mediums to express myself.

I have been homeschooling my two children Trinity 14 and Finn 12 for nearly three years. I was looking for ways to nurture my children's drawing gifts and last year I met Cindy at our local church. She introduced her complete curriculum for children to me and I immediately became interested. As an artist raising two budding artists myself, it was a blessing to implement Cindy's online course into our weekly homeschooling routine.  I have found my children just love Cindy's online classes much more than Maths and English and I enjoy seeing the new skills they have quickly developed.

I have joined Cindy's team to encourage many more up and coming artists to also learn to draw.  Learning the fundamentals of drawing is a skill learned for life and benefits our children in so many ways that we can only begin to imagine. 
My personal photography website can be found at:
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Meet Stephanie Stevens

Hi I’m Stephanie Stevens, a stay-at-home mom of three from wild and wonderful West Virginia, USA. I have been homeschooling my children, Korrynn, 15, Todd, 13, and Sadey, 12, since 2010. I am dedicated to homeschooling and I love finding curriculum like ‘Teach Kids Drawing,’ that empowers parents to teach their children knowledge and skills that may not be their strongest areas of expertise. I am offering my years of experience as a homeschool mom to help Cindy bring awareness to others about Teach Kids Drawing.

In January of 2019 I decided to learn to draw and began to seek out online drawing instruction. At that time I stumbled upon Cindy Wider’s drawing course for adults. After reading several wonderful reviews of how positive and helpful Cindy’s instruction is, I decided to join. I was amazed at how quickly my skills improved under Cindy’s tutelage. Later that year  Cindy informed me she was writing art curriculum for kids, and I was very excited about the idea. She invited me to share my knowledge and experiences in the homeschool sector. Shortly thereafter, I began sharing this program with my family and their kids. Knowing how dramatically my own skills improved while studying her art course for adults, I am confident that Cindy’s curriculum will benefit kids the world over. In addition to drawing, I love to explore writing, photography, painting (both traditional and digital), and I’ve recently begun to learn calligraphy as well. 
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