Teach Kids Drawing Membership by Cindy Wider

Teach Kids Drawing Membership

Complete written and illustrated printable curriculums for Homeschoolers, teachers and parents of kids aged 4 to 11 years. Also includes self-teach video curriculum for kids aged 11 and over.

Membership is $100AUD (incl.GST) per family per year. Includes access to all curriculums and courses. 

Lori Partridge Homeschooler

 As a homeschooling mom who's always been intimidated to try and teach art, Cindy Wider's program is great.  The curriculum is easy to understand and follow.  You don't have to buy out the local art store to participate, and best of all my kids love doing and request to do art during school.  
    Their confidence in their drawing abilities has grown so much!  Also they explore the techniques and skills they've learned in their free time because they just like to draw now.  I highly recommend this program to any other homeschooling parent who want to teach art to their child but just aren't sure where to begin.
Lori Partridge Alabama USA

What's included?

  • With an active membership you are purchasing a license to teach this course to one family. For more information on licensing for schools, co-ops and private business groups please go here.
  • A fully tested program with 5 complete 'done-for-you' art course curriculums as fully printable booklets for kids in Foundation (Prep/K) to Year 4. Provides a great opportunity to work away from the computer.
  • Documents outlining where each lesson has been mapped to the content descriptors in the Australian Curriculum - Visual Arts. You can see an example document here.
  • Bloom's Taxonomy of measurable verbs have been used with grading rubrics provided for each term in every year level; mapped to the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards statements. See an example  document here.   
  • A complete video course curriculum for kids aged 11+ to self-teach. Internet access is essential for this course. This fully comprehensive course covers all of the most important fundamental principles of drawing in the one course
  • Complimentary full video course 'Coloured Pencil Character Drawing Secrets.' This course is also provided in the Year course curriclum as fully written explanations with images. This course is for all students to learn to quickly and easily use coloured pencil with professional art techniques
  • Private Facebook group with a supportive online community carefully moderated by Cindy Wider
  • Updates to course materials
  • V.I.P notifications of any new courses, children's books and other products that Cindy Wider releases to the market
  • Access to monthly live and recorded online events, free tutorials and other member-exclusive opportunities offered by Cindy Wider 

What resources are provided?

 Each of the 5 individual course curriculums contain the following resources: 

  1. Teacher Course Guides: Printable PDF files - instructions containing lesson plans. Can be taught independent of the internet. See examples here
  2. Student Printouts: Printable PDF files – to print and handout to your students. Can be taught independent of the internet. See examples here
  3. Power Point Presentations: Slide shows to be shown to present key elements to your child or class. See examples here
  4. Video tutorials: are suggested in the Year 3 and 4 Teacher Course Guides as an option. Full explanations are available in course booklets so the lessons can be taught independent of the internet (apart from reference to research some artists.) The video tutorials are accessed through the DrawPj Academy within your membership area. All parents/teachers can study the videos presented in the DrawPj Academy. These can be studied before class or they can be played in class. 
  5. Full written explanations: are also provided for every single exercise as 'Explain the following to your students' in the Teacher Course Guide. Slideshows and explanations are provided for your convenience in that instance that video isn’t an option.

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Teach Kids Drawing Yearly Membership

$100 AUD / year
Includes access to 7 products:
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Helen Schwarz | Freshwater Christian College

Cindy has carefully matched her program with the Content Descriptors and Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum to ensure that every lesson is relevant and purposeful.
She demonstrates an excellent understanding of how to develop the skills of students in an age appropriate way and has developed lessons that are fun, engaging and enable success.
Helen Schwarz | Head of Faculty: English and Humanities

Kids Develop Techniques and Grow in Confidence

Meredith Sloss | Mum to Xavier

My son Xavier has flourished with the Cindy Wider Method of teaching. He has begun to show technique and style I never knew he had within him! Xavier has learned so much in a short period of time. 

I highly recommend Cindy Wider’s Method for any child with any amount of interest in Art!

Meredith Sloss
Queensland Australia

Natasha Puddle

I taught the Cindy Wider drawing program in our class this year. 

It was lovely to see the children grow in their abilities from saying ‘I can’t do that’ to realising that actually ‘I did it!’ It is so beautiful to see the excitement and the pride in their work when they accomplished something with their drawing.

I definitely noticed tremendous growth in my students drawing abilities. 

Natasha Puddle | Year 2 Teacher 

Freshwater Christian College
BRINSMEAD Queensland Australia 


Who is this membership for?

This membership consists of printable curriculums for homeschool families, parents, teachers. Its also for kids aged 11+ who can self-teach using the DrawPj Academy video course. 

How much is it to join?

It's $100AUD (includes GST) per year. No hidden costs everything is included. Only one membership needed per family. For multiple email addresses per subscription in one family contact Cindy via the chat button. 

Do I have to pay for each year level?

One yearly membership includes access to all year levels printable resources and all video courses for kids aged 11+. 

How do I access the course resources?

All course materials and content will immediately become available as soon as you become a member. 

Can I teach this course in a homeschool group or in my school classroom?

Yes sure! So long as you are a current paying member you can teach this course in real-world situations as a home-school parent or teacher. 

Schools and homeschool groups must purchase one license per teacher teaching the course. 

If you are a private business operator teaching this course, each of the families you teach must register as members.  

Note: For more information on the terms and conditions of teaching this course (other than your own family) please see the dropdown menu above. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes absolutely! You can do this yourself from within the membership. There's no need for emails or complex procedures. It's that easy. There is just one single yearly payment. You can simply enrol again in 12 months time when your subscription expires. 

Are there refunds?

Yes we offer a 30-day refund.

As a member do I have access to Cindy Wider?

Yes absolutely! Just type into the chat box lower right. Cindy is available most days AEST (your message will be sent to her inbox if she's not online.) Cindy is also in the private FB Group. She's happy to answer questions and provides encouragement as well as feedback on the course. She also gives advice on many other things related to drawing.