Ready Set Go! How to set up your child's 'Artist's Corner'
December 14, 2019

How exciting! Congratulations on your decision to join us here. Welcome to your brand new course at 'Teach Kids Drawing.'

In this course your child will be learning how to draw, using professional artist's methods, principles and techniques. They can dive straight in and start drawing with just a pencil and paper sitting at the kitchen table.

However, if you really want to encourage your child to continually show up at the table and draw more often, it's a good idea to set up a special area for them. Their very own dedicated 'Artist's Corner.' This corner can be any small section of the bedroom or other area of the home without distractions. All they need is a small drawing desk and comfy chair, along with a few other simple items.

Here are my tips and suggestions for a great 'Artist's Corner' for your child to begin learning to draw.

A small desk:
This doesn't have to be huge, just enough room to place a pot of pencils, a drawing book (to rotate at least 360 degrees) with a little bit of elbow-resting room and preferably not wobbly.

Ideally, your child should be able to tuck his/her legs under the desk and sit at a height that is comfortable for drawing.

A comfy chair:
Just a simple kitchen chair is fine - anything that is comfortable will work.

Good lighting:
Make sure that your child can clearly see his/her drawings (even at night.)This doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a lamp (preferably with an arm that leans over their paper) that lights up their work well.  A daylight globe works best - not warm light, or it will affect their ability to see their drawings well.

A desk-top pencil organiser:
It's a good idea to have a special place for art materials. Keep a little tray or small pot on your child's desk - to put their pencils in. That way their equipment will always be on hand ready to go at a moment's desire....and they will never have to hunt for missing equipment.

Gather your art materials:
For the F - Year 4 curriculums, you will print the 'Student Printout' booklet provided in your course for your child to draw from. You'll find the art materials list in your Teacher Course Guide. However, all you need to begin with is just a pencil and an eraser. No need to go out and buy everything at once. You can also use similar items that are mentioned on the list.

Added bonus extra: A book shelf
If you have a shelving unit you could put that behind your child with books on it ready to use as reference images. Great books include photographs of various animals, man-made objects, plants, flowers etc.  You can purchase these from second-hand book stores or garage sales etc. It's also valuable to have children's picture books on hand, with characters in them that your child loves. They can research and study the characters; their movements and positions of objects. Eventually, as they make their way through their course and develop proper skills for drawing, they might like to begin to create their own characters from imagination.

Note: For children studying the video curriculum independently (in the DrawPj Academy) you will find your list of materials in the course itself. 

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