Teach Kids Drawing Curriculum Information

The unique Cindy Wider Method has been used to successfully teach adults and children to draw for more than 27 years both online and in the real world. During 2019 this method was used to create a program especially to suit the timing and structure suitable for homeschooling and schools. 

Over a 12 month period in 2019 the Cindy Wider Method was involved in a comprehensive pilot-testing program at the Freshwater Christian College in Brinsmead Qld Australia. 

During that time the Cindy Wider Method was taught in 5 separate curriculums by teachers from Years Foundation (Prep/K) through to Year 4 with over 220 children and 10 classes involved. Valuable and comprehensive feedback was given by all teachers, and changes implemented accordingly to help make this program the best it can be.

Each individual curriculum includes:

  • 4 terms of study which is based upon the usual Australian school year. 
  • 4 grading rubrics mapped to the Australian curriculum achievement standards, using Bloom's Taxonomy of Measurable verbs.
  • 8 lessons in each term (allows 1 or 2 lessons each term to catchup on unfinished projects.) 
  • Each lesson is designed based upon a 35 to 40 minute time-slot.
  • During the first 3 - 4 lessons of each term students are learning new skills to help them form the fundamental principles of drawing. 
  • During the final 4 - 8 lessons students complete a project while calling upon inspiration from a variety of International, Australian, Aboriginal and Torres-strait islander artists using the skills learned earlier in the term.
  • If your goal is to cover the full curriculum for visual arts, lesson plans are banded as follows: F-2 and 3-4. You may also choose to include even more artists of your choice from both past and present. 

Printable booklet examples:

Course Table of Contents:

How to read the Australian Curriculum Mapping Documents:

Within each curriculum document spreadsheet, you will find the following information that maps the lessons from the Cindy Wider Method course curriculum to the Australian Curriculum - Visual Arts content descriptors: 

  •  Far left-side column; the content descriptors as found on the ACARA website https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/
  • Along the top row; each of the 4 terms are listed.
  • The lessons included in each term have been colour-coded to match the subject line of the content descriptor that the lesson has been aligned to.

Important Information Please read:

This suite of resources (that form the 5 curriculums in this membership at Teach Kids Drawing) have been designed with the intent of being aligned to the Australian Curriculum - Visual arts. Teachers may use professional judgement to adapt and adopt these resources to suit individual student needs. 

Cindy Wider does not warranty that these curriculums will 100% fulfil the needs of the Australian Curriculum - Visual Arts.