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Hi there! I'm Cindy Wider, the founder of Teach Kids Drawing. I live in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia with my husband, our two daughters (aged 14 and 11) along with our loveable black dog named Jet. I love helping my kids learn to draw because I believe it's an essential skill that my children need to move into the future. 
Somehow along the way to adulthood most people loose this natural ability to draw - unless they've learned how during childhood. My theory is that drawing can be taught just like we learn to read, write and do arithmetic. 

My experience as an art educator

For the past 25 years I have been full-time in the art industry as an illustrator, artist, author and art-educator. Along with my husband, I am the co-founder of a 10 year-old online art education business at Together with our team, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of people from all ages learn to draw when they previously thought it wasn't possible for them. 

I have learned that most people give up drawing between the ages of 10 to 12 years. Unless kids are shown that drawing is a perfectly learnable skill (just like they learn to read, write and do mathematics) they give up drawing, believing that it's something special. A gift reserved for the 'talented' few. 

This myth is not only incorrect its also unfair on our children. Together we can help our kids to learn this is simply not true. Almost anyone can learn to draw if they are taught how. We can keep your kids drawing right through life! 

My Story: Why I am dedicated to helping you teach your kids to draw

I lived a happy and surreal childhood growing up in the Western Highlands of the beautiful island of Papua New Guinea - until the age of 11 years. Nature was my playground and I had little access to technology so imagination was my best friend.

During those years, my mother always encouraged my siblings and I to take time out to draw and write. I never had drawing lessons, but just did what I could naturally. We regularly sent good-old-fashioned letters back to our Grandparents in South Australia. I am so grateful that I were given drawing materials, it was my favourite activity. Here are some drawings that were kept from my childhood, in order of creation - approximately 4 years up to 14 years.
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What and why do kids love to draw?

Like most young children, I was drawing my world; the things that were important to me. The local public swimming pool where we spent many hot summer days. The river in our back yard with wonderful flowing weeping willow trees, the stunning 'Bird of Paradise.' They are such spectacular birds filled with vibrant colour. These often appeared in my work. There were images of planes because it was most exciting to fly back to see Grandparents and family in Australia. I was a huge fan of Snoopy and loved to draw him too! 

I just naturally wanted to capture my beautiful world! Your children will most probably want to do the same. To draw things that are important to them helps them to express their feelings and fulfill their desire to be heard when words are not enough. Giving them the foundation skills to enable them to draw what they see and imagine is a huge gift.

Why I gave up drawing as a child...

One day my wonderful world of drawing sadly ended. I can remember the day as clear as anything. Like most adults, I eventually gave up drawing at the age of 14 years believing I didn't have what it took to draw. I believed I 'just weren't talented enough.' That drawing just wasn't my special gift.

...and how I found my love of drawing again

I only returned to drawing at the age of 23 years when I turned to colour as a form of therapy. I had to give up a flamboyant career in hairdressing (that I loved so much) due to contracting a serious illness (M.E) that left me unable to walk and with a loss of most of my cognitive abilities. It was however, the biggest blessing of my life!

During that time I discovered that I could draw like never before. Drawing came into my life at my lowest point and changed my world. It rescued me. 

From that point onwards I realised the true value of drawing as a means of self-expression. Its a language that we can use when words are not enough. I made a commitment to discover what drawing really is and where it comes from so that I could teach as many others as I possibly learn to draw.
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Along the way I've enjoyed a wonderful fine art career myself. I am now writing and illustrating a series of children's picture books based upon the 'CuddlyCats Family and Friends' which I aim to share with everyone during 2020. You can find more of my artworks and biography here.

My favourite saying is...

"Just show up at the table - the rest will take care of itself." You can encourage your children to do the same. Give them pencils, paper and colouring items. 

Come along the journey with me. Help your kids learn to draw. You will gift them a skill for life!